BMDI Releases MAXAIR 710DLC CAPR, A Merging of Respirator Technologies


Respiratory protection in healthcare traditionally follows two technology paths, mask respirators (N95s) and powered air purifying respirators (PAPRs).

Bio-Medical Devices Intl. recognized that health-related events this decade and world economics underscore the need for a respirator that not only integrates the best features of both technologies, but also improves on them.

N95s provide lower protection due to filtration efficiency and poor fit, low user tolerance due to breathing resistance, heat and moisture buildup, and pressure points against the face, and high life-cycle cost due to need for stocking many types and sizes and the time and cost burden of annual fit-testing.

Conventional PAPRs are bulky, interfere with maneuverability, lack real-time safe operation status indicators, are difficult and time-consuming to de-con, and have high product cost and high life-cycle cost of disposables.

Healthcare workers demand a more tolerable respirator, comfortable and convenient, to facilitate use compliance. They need higher protection without the cost and burden of annual fit-testing. They need a respirator quick and easy to don and doff and that is compact to allow quick movement between patients without restriction. They need a combination of the disposable advantages that the N95 was to have and the reusable conveniences PAPRs were supposed to provide -- a merging of the technologies.

BMDI accomplished "the merge" with the MAXAIR 710-DLC CAPR.

Comfortable, light-weight integrated helmet

--No air-tube hose or bulky blower unit -- freedom of movement.

-- Increased comfort for all activities.

-- Reduced connections and uneven surfaces - easier and quicker de-con between uses.

-- Always visible, peripheral vision LEDs -- real-time safe airflow and battery charge indication.

Unique DLC, disposable lens-cuff

-- Easier and quicker to don and doff than N95s.

-- Superior filtration protection no annual fit-testing.

-- Cost comparable to N95 and goggles.

CAPR provides safety, convenience, and comfort for high compliance use and optimal protection for low to high-risk challenges during infectious patient care.

MAXAIR CAPR is the optimum daily use respirator, highly deployable, with a life-cycle cost more advantageous than N95s or conventional PAPRs.

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