Bolder Capital, LLC Invests in Wound Care Industry

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Bolder Capital, LLC today announced it has sponsored the management led buyout of Praxis Clinical Services, Inc. from Sechrist Industries, Inc.

Praxis is a rapidly growing wound care service provider company focused on providing acute-care hospitals with the most appropriate and advanced resources and technologies to support optimal outcomes for patients with chronic non-healing wounds.

"Bolder's resources and strategic leadership are a perfect fit for Praxis," says president and CEO Jack Rollins. "We look forward to working with our new partners and appreciate the strategic value of Bolder, which will allow us to achieve our long-term strategic growth plan."

Praxis Clinical Services provides management services for the development, implementation and operation of comprehensive wound healing centers. These centers are designed as outpatient departments in hospitals and are committed to the successful treatment and prevention of chronic, non-healing wounds.

Last year, more than14,000 patients were treated in Praxis Clinical Services-managed comprehensive wound healing centers through out the United States, representing more than 105,000 patient visits. Overall wound healing rates in Praxis Clinical Services centers exceed 90 percent for patients who have previously failed care in other healthcare settings. Praxis comprehensive wound healing centers also have received a 99 percent

patient satisfaction rating for 2004.

Today, Praxis has 60 centers across the United States, located in 28 states representing more than 20,000 licensed hospital beds.

Source: Bolder Capital, LLC