Cantel Medical Acquires GE Water & Process Technologies Dialysis Water Business

LITTLE FALLS, N.J. Cantel Medical Corp. announces that its Mar Cor Purification division has completed the purchase of GE Water & Process Technologies water dialysis business. With approximately 1,800 installations in North America, and revenues of approximately $20 million, the acquisition expands Cantels water treatment division by 50 percent, thereby increasing the importance of water purification in Cantels infection prevention and control portfolio. The acquisition of assets, with a cash purchase price of $30.6 million before cash tax benefits, is expected to be accretive to earnings in the first full fiscal year.

GE Water & Process Technologies, with its well-established ZyzaTech and 23G water equipment and strong relationships with the largest global dialysis customers, provides the ideal complement to Cantels Water Purification and Filtration segment. The combined entity will cover a significant portion of the dialysis clinics in North America and will enable Mar Cor to improve the density and efficiency of its service delivery network across 17 service offices and six resin regeneration plants.

Mar Cor will retain the associated employees within the business, and will benefit from revenue enhancements through service and sales opportunities within the GE Water & Process Technologies installed base and operating improvements in supply-chain management, manufacturing and other areas. GE will continue its ongoing relationship with Mar Cor as a supplier of key components including RO membrane elements, cartridge filters, membrane housings, pumps and other consumables.

R. Scott Jones, Cantels president and CEO, stated, With this transaction, Cantel has secured a leadership position in the medical water industry and has created a platform with which to expand into other areas of life science and commercial/industrial applications.

Source: Cantel Medical Corp.