CDC Launches Free Continuing Education Course for Nurses and Dialysis Technicians

Infections are one of the leading causes of hospitalization and death for patients on hemodialysis.  In an effort to ensure that CDC infection prevention recommendations are implemented in hemodialysis facilities, CDC has created a new continuing education training course for outpatient hemodialysis healthcare workers, including technicians and nurses.

The one-hour, self-guided training course features a flash-based slide presentation and audio narration which reviews:

- Common infections that patients can get during the course of their dialysis care

- CDC’s infection control recommendations for outpatient hemodialysis healthcare workers

- How to educate your patients and their caregivers

View the course by clicking here:

This free course provides 1 contact hour of continuing nursing education (CNE) and 0.1 continuing education units (CEUs).

To learn more about what CDC is doing to protect dialysis patients, visit the CDC Dialysis Safety website: