Launches Community Site

NEW is a new online platform designed to build a community resource for menopausal women. Designed by Women's Marketing Group, includes a blog site to allow women to express their frustrations, share experiences and gain support from the millions of other women going through the life changing experience.

In addition to offering a community forum, also includes educational information about treatment and product options to help them with menopause symptoms. According to site organizers, too many women are looking for options to HRT (hormone replacement therapy), but not finding support from their doctors and are unsure where to turn for alternative therapy information.

On the site, there is a petition urging members of Congress to allocate more government funds to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to finance studies on alternative treatments for menopause.

Sue Taggart, president and founder of Women's Marketing Group, noted the site is designed to support women and give them an outlet for communicating their feelings. "Menopause is something our mothers never really discussed with us, even as adults, but this so called 'natural transition' can be a devastating time in a woman's life," she said. "By petitioning the NIH, women will help drive funding for necessary research into alternative options to help alleviate menopausal symptoms."