CHESP Exam Price to be Increased in 2005

Effective Jan. 1, 2005, the AHA Certification Center will be increasing fees for CHESP examinations. Fees increase to $275 for members of the American Society for Healthcare Environmental Services (ASHES) (or other Professional Membership Group, PMG) membership and $345 for non-members. In addition, renewal fees will increase to $135 for members and $175 for nonmembers. 


Don't miss this opportunity to take advantage of the current price by signing up to take the CHESP exam now. Candidates who apply in 2004 will pay the current fees of $225 for members and $295 for nonmembers, even if they do not test until 2005. For more information concerning the CHESP exam, the CHESP written exam at the ASHES conference, or to apply, call (913) 541-0400 or go to:   


The deadline to apply to take the CHESP exam at the ASHES annual conference is August 6, 2004. Why take the CHESP at the annual conference? First, the exam is a paper-and-pencil format, as opposed to online, for those more comfortable with a pencil than a keyboard. Second, a CHESP Review Session is available as a pre-conference workshop at the conference. This allows you to take the exam while the review session information is still fresh in your mind.


 If you are interested in taking the CHESP Exam immediately following the ASHES conference, you must submit your application by August 6, 2004. The application is included in the CHESP Candidate Handbook, found at (click on the CHESP logo and download the Candidate Handbook). Be sure to indicate that you will be taking the paper-and-pencil exam on Sept. 21, 2004. Please note that credit card, company check, cashier check or money order is welcomed (no personal checks). For more details, call (312) 422-3713.


Source: ASHES