Coca-Cola Co. To Fight AIDS in Africa

GENEVA-The Coca-Cola Co. and other international companies are banding together to pledge money, resources, and time to fight AIDS in Africa. The continent has been ravaged by the virus during the past 15 years, with more than 26 million Africans dying from the disease.

The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation will work with the United Nations to fight the disease by using Coke trucks to deliver everything from condoms to AIDS prevention fliers. The refreshment company also agreed to provide testing kits and care for infected people in Africa.

German auto giant DiamlerChrysler has also said they will help in the fight. The auto company will begin providing free anti-AIDS drugs to help its South African employees and their families. The company employs 3,800 people in East London, South Africa. An estimated 20% of the work force may be infected with HIV. The company will also hand out condoms.

Cocoa-Cola will also being paying for full-treatment of its employees who are HIV-infected. The company is the largest corporate employer in Africa.