Company Voluntarily Recalls 15,000 Pounds of Chili

FORT WORTH, Texas-Classic Foods has voluntarily recalled more than 15,000 pounds of chili after an outbreak of botulism occurred at a church function. Seven people who ate hot dogs with the child at a church supper were hospitalized. Others also became ill with milder symptoms.

The Sheriff Blaylock's Chili was distributed in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington. Company officials said they were confident the contamination occurred after the chili left their plant. They have a critical control program and said food safety was the company's number one concern.

The chili was purchased at Town Talk Foods in Fort Worth, which has since been shut down by health officials until the cause of the outbreak can be determined.

Food-borne botulism can be caused from eating improperly cooked foods. The symptoms, including blurred vision, dry mouth, difficulty swallowing or speaking, general weakness, and shortness of breath, can occur six hours to 10 days after eating contaminated food.

The chili in question was labeled with a March 27, 2001 production date and a package code of either 10861 or 20861.

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