Component Hardware Group Introduces Antimicrobial-Treated Spouts

LAKEWOOD, N.J. – Component Hardware Group (CHG) announces SANIGUARD antimicrobial-treated spouts for use with potable water on its Encore® premium plumbing fixtures. The inside diameter of the spout is coated with an inorganic silver ion antimicrobial to reduce bio-fouling by inhibiting the growth of a broad spectrum of bacteria and odor-causing molds and fungi. The efficacy of SANIGUARD antimicrobial on treated surfaces can be expected to last for the life of the product.

“The inside of faucet spouts tend to be an ideal breeding ground for various microorganisms, such as Legionella and Pseudomonas, because they are always damp and dark with a rough surface that promotes bio-fouling,” states Tom Carr, president of CHG. “Our SANIGUARD treated spouts are unique in the industry because the antimicrobial coating is located on the inside of the spout, where the bacteria and odor-causing molds and mildew can normally grow. Independent clinical and evidence-based testing also proves that our SANIGUARD antimicrobial treatment effectively inhibits the growth of these microorganisms on the inner surfaces of the spout.”

SANIGUARD antimicrobial spouts are the first to be listed by the National Sanitation Foundation International under Standard 61, Section 9 for use with potable water. The SANIGUARD treated spouts are currently being offered as an option on all Encore faucets manufactured by CHG and can be retrofitted to Encore plumbing fixtures that are currently in the field.

Source: CHG