ConvaTec Introduces Antimicrobial Dressing for Management of Partial Thickness Burns

ConvaTec, a leading developer and marketer of medical technologies for community and hospital care, announces the introduction of AQUACEL® Ag BURN dressing, a new wound dressing for the management of partial thickness burns (PTBs) and donor sites. AQUACEL® Ag BURN dressing incorporates the companys proprietary Hydrofiber® technology, which has been shown in an in-vitro study to lock in fluid and trap bacteria and to contour closely to uneven wound surfaces. 
AQUACEL® Ag BURN dressing, for PTBs, can be left in place for up to 21 days, helping to reduce the need for painful dressing changes and the risk of exposure to pathogens in the atmosphere. In current common practice, patients with PTBs must often undergo painful dressing changes as frequently as twice daily, causing often severe discomfort and exposing the wound surface to potential infection from a range of pathogens.
AQUACEL® Ag BURN dressing represents a significant advance in the management of partial thickness burns, says Kevin N. Foster, MD. A dressing that can remain in place for up to 21 days can help to reduce the need for multiple dressing changes, potentially reducing the risk of infection and trauma to the wound and the patient.

In addition to flat dressings, the line of AQUACEL® Ag BURN dressings feature a glove for use specifically in PTBs to hands, where a large number of burn injuries occur. The gloves come in a range of sizes from child to adult. Flat and glove dressings are reinforced with Nylon stitching to offer patients maximum flexibility and range of motion. Enhanced flexibility and mobility for burn patients is especially important to ensure that the wound heals properly and prevents contracture.

AQUACEL® Ag dressing incorporates the antimicrobial action of silver, proven to kill a broad spectrum of pathogens, including MRSA, VRE, S. aureus, P.aeruginosa, C. krusei, and B. fragilis. AQUACEL® Ag BURN dressing has been shown to provide activity against antimicrobial resistant bacteria and potentially reduce the risk of infection. AQUACEL® BURN dressing is also available, a non-silver version of the wound dressing.

The dressings will self-detach as the burn heals and inflict less trauma to the wound bed and patient.  Both dressings absorb and hold exudate and harmful bacteria that can prevent healing or increase the risk of infection.

AQUACEL® Ag BURN dressing is introduced today during Burn Awareness Week a united effort to educate communities across the U.S. about burn awareness and prevention.

AQUACEL® Ag BURN dressing has been tested in both flat and glove forms during clinical studies in the U.S. and in Europe.  In each case, results showed positive advantages related to patient pain at rest, during movement and ease of use.