Crosstex/SPSmedical Introduces SporView VH2O2 Self-Contained BI

Crosstex/SPSmedical introduces the SporView® VH2O2 Self-Contained BI as an extension to its SporView® biological indicator (BI) product line.

The new SporView® VH2O2 Self-Contained BI is designed to be used to monitor the efficacy of the hydrogen peroxide (VH2O2) cycles of the STERRAD® Sterilization System, as well as other hydrogen peroxide sterilization systems. The BI comes with a chemical indicator on the label for immediate confirmation that the sterilization process has occurred. After processing, the BI is activated and then incubated at 55-60oC for 24 hours. Results are easy to read as a color change from purple to yellow indicates spore growth.

Well recognized industry standards such as AAMI ST58 recommend that sterilizers should be verified by the daily (and preferably every load) use of BIs. In addition to conducting routine biological monitoring, equipment users should perform biological monitoring whenever a new type of packaging material or tray is used, after training new sterilization personnel, after a sterilizer has been repaired and/or after any change in the sterilizer loading procedures.

“Compliance with standards is critical for staff and patient safety and for maintaining accreditation,” notes Chuck Hughes, vice president of infection prevention consulting services for SPSmedical Supply Corp., a division of Crosstex International. “Biological indicators are the most accepted means of monitoring the sterilization process because they directly determine whether the most resistant microorganisms are present rather than solely focusing on whether or not the physical and chemical conditions necessary for sterilization are met.”

SporView® VH2O2 Self-Contained BI is currently not for sale in the U.S. It will be introduced at the Crosstex International booth at MEDICA 2014 World Forum for Medicine in Dusseldorf Germany, Nov. 12-15, 2014.

Source: Crosstex/SPSmedical