Datascope Announces Safeguard Hemostasis Device

MONTVALE, N.J. -- Datascope Corp. announces the worldwide launch of Safeguard, an innovative, inflatable pressure-dressing designed to maintain hemostasis after manual compression for arterial catheterization procedures. Safeguard will compete in an estimated $54 million worldwide market for devices that assist manual compression. The company believes that most of this market opportunity is currently in the U.S. Manual compression is still used to control bleeding in a majority of an estimated 4.8 million catheterization procedures in the U.S. market.

Safeguard is a single-use adhesive dressing with an inflatable see-through plastic bulb. The user places Safeguard over the patient's puncture wound site and inflates the bulb with air from a syringe. The inflated bulb is inelastic and provides consistent pressure over the wound site to maintain hemostasis. The see-through bulb allows easy monitoring of the wound site.

After completing an evaluation of Safeguard at the Lenox Hill Hospital of New York, Dr. Jeffrey Moses, chief of interventional cardiology, said, "Safeguard is easy to use, effective and reliable." The device proved effective at maintaining hemostasis following femorally accessed coronary catheterization procedures, adhering to wound sites reliably for hours, and producing no complications.

"Because Safeguard is so effective and easy to use, we expect to see many applications besides cath procedures where hemostasis needs to be maintained. Safeguard is off to a good start in the market," said Tim Shannon, vice president of aales for Datascope's Interventional Products Division that manufactures and markets Safeguard.

Datascope Corp. is a diversified medical device company that manufactures and markets proprietary products for clinical healthcare markets in interventional cardiology and radiology, cardiovascular and vascular surgery, anesthesiology, emergency medicine and critical care.

Source: Datascope Corp.