Drug May Fight Fat

SYDNEY-In an attempt to cure diabetes, an Australian researcher has developed a drug that may fight fat.

Frank NG of Melbourne's Monash University reports the drug has completed two human trials and is fairing well. No serious side effects have been reported. The drug, called Advanced Obesity Drug 9604, is created from an aspect of human growth hormones that research showed reduces body fat.

Created with help from Melbourne-based Metabolic Pharmaceuticals Ltd., officials reported 22 trial participants received the drug intravenously and found it to be safe. They lost an average of 1.1 pounds during the 4-week trial.

The research in body-weight reducing drugs is increasing after officials from the World Health Organization (WHO) reported 300 million people are estimated to have diabetes by 2025. Non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes Type 2, are set to become a pandemic within this century.

Information from www.reuters.com