DuPont Launches High-Tech Medical Fabrics to Enhance Protection, Comfort for Healthcare Professionals


WILMINGTON, Del. -- DuPont today introduced an innovative medical fabric, DuPont Suprel, born from a revolutionary composite technology that provides both advanced levels of protection and comfort for healthcare professionals.

Traditional single-use medical fabrics can be uncomfortable, especially when they are worn for an extended time, and can lack the necessary fluid barrier for protecting today's healthcare professionals. Suprel nonwoven is the first in a line of upcoming medical fabrics from DuPont that are both highly protective and silky-soft.

DuPont researchers created Suprel through a unique bi-component formulation using the company's proprietary Advanced Composite Technology. Developing nearly 20 new patents for this technology, DuPont can blend the ideal properties of two different raw materials to create medical fabrics that meet specific needs. For example, Suprel is the only medical fabric available that is made of polyester - for strength - and polyethylene - for silk-like softness. It has less surface friction than other medical fabric products, allowing for greater comfort and freedom of movement. It also transfers heat away from the body quickly, adding to comfort in the operating environment. Suprel is made from continuous filament fibers and is very low linting.

Using a market-focused approach as part of its research and development, DuPont researchers developed Suprel by working closely with operating room nurses who participated in comfort studies conducted at North Carolina State University. Feedback and input on protection and comfort from the healthcare professionals were used in developing the new medical fabric.

"Suprel is the first in a line of innovative products from DuPont that will raise the bar for standards of protection and comfort in medical fabrics," said Lori Gettlefinger of DuPont Medical Fabrics. "Unlike the technology used with single polymer fabrics, this composite fabric technology will allow us to create an array of fabrics in direct response to the evolving needs of the medical industry."

Suprel will be available for commercial distribution in late summer in the U.S. and later this year in Europe and Asia Pacific regions. DuPont will be conducting in-hospital trial evaluations of Suprel for hospitals that request to review the high-tech medical fabric. Hospitals interested in participating in the evaluations can contact DuPont Medical Fabrics at 888-383-6887 or at

Source: DuPont

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