ETHICON Products Introduces New Needle Technology

SOMERVILLE, N.J. -- ETHICON Products today announced the introduction of a revolutionary needle to its line of top-selling sutures. MultiPass Needles are designed to provide surgeons with sharper, stronger needles that provide better control, making every pass of the needle feel like the first. Combining three exclusive elements, ETHALLOY Needle

Alloy, PRIME geometry and a new advanced needle coating, the company's tradition of breakthrough technology in surgical needle development continues.

The MultiPass needles provide for significantly sharper needles that stay just as sharp after each pass. In a head-to-head comparison, MultiPass needles remained 44-58 percent sharper than competitive skin closure needles. The new needle technology also affords stronger needles that are designed to be two times more resistant to bending than the competition.(1) The innovative needle coating and reduced-mass design minimize the amount of penetration force needed for each pass.(1)

"ETHICON Products has always held a leadership position in the area of needle technology," stated Felmont Eaves, MD, Charlotte Plastic Surgery and board certified surgeon. "Through continuous innovation in the areas of needle material, geometry and coating, ETHICON Products has developed needles which consistently outperform competitors in the areas of strength, sharpness and control, pass after pass."

The premium lines of ETHICON Products needles include skin closure, and cardiovascular needles targeted for plastic and cardiovascular surgery, respectively. The superior performance of these lines is a key driver of the company's dominant market share in these segments. Premium skin closure needles are used by other specialties as well, including general surgery and OB/GYN.

(1) Data on file.

Source: ETHICON Products