Glove Designed to Protect Sterile Processing Personnel

PolyCo USA, manufacturers of disposable and limited-use protective wear for healthcare and industry, introduces the VR Decontamination Glove designed for the protection of sterile processing personnel. Made from a unique combination of 8 mil nitrile gloves and PolyCos lightweight VR Protective Sleeves, VR Decontamination Gloves provide durable hand and arm protection. VR Decontamination Gloves are comfortably flexible with high tactile sensitivity and are designed for reuse. The upper arm elastic cuff provides assurance that the sleeve portion does not slip down on the arm.

PolyCo offers VR Protective Wear for multi-use impervious splash protection against liquids, body fluids, chemicals and acids, and PolyWear Gowns for light-weight single-use applications. PolyCos apparel products are odorless, nontoxic, made in USA, and are vinyl and latex free.