Graham Medical Launches InhibX Antimicrobial Product Offering

Graham Medical announces the launch of InhibX antimicrobial table paper, pillowcases and towels.  The products treated with InhibX antimicrobial technology are proven safe and effective in inhibiting the growth of microorganisms and providing advanced protection. The products are designed to be protected throughout their life cycle.  The same technology used worldwide to treat sick building" problemsin schools, hospitals, offices and homes is used with the InhibX product line. The technology is non-migrating and never allows for microbial adaptation. InhibX antimicrobial technology is EPA-registered and proven to be leach-free.


The InhibX antimicrobial product offering includes table paper, pillowcases, and towels. The table paper offering is smooth, embossed InhibX® table paper item number 57920 for 18 inches and 57921 for 21 inches. The InhibX pillowcase is item number 57930 with dimensions of 21inches by 30 inches. The InhibX® towel is a two-ply tissue/poly towel item number 57931 with dimensions of 13.5 inches by 17 inches. 


Graham Medical is a subsidiary of Little Rapids Corporation of Green Bay, Wis., and is a leading marketer and manufacturer of single-use products for physician offices, clinics, outpatient surgery centers, chiropractic offices, emergency services, and hospitals. Product categories include drapes and stretcher sheets, blankets, pillows and pillow cases, patient transport units, capes and gowns, specialty garments, exam table paper, professional towels and washcloths, and other complementary products. 


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