Greer Announces New Safety Syringe Contract with Inviro Medical

LENOIR, N.C. -- Greer, a leading developer and provider of allergy immunotherapy products and services, announces that it has entered into an agreement with Inviro Medical to supply retractable safety syringes to the allergy market. The agreement enables Greer to provide InviroSNAP!® Safety Syringes to its network of allergy specialists. The syringes are used for delivery of subcutaneous allergy immunotherapy treatments, as well as allergy diagnostic testing, and meet the requirements of the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act signed into law on Nov. 6, 2000.

We are excited about our partnership with Greer, says Gareth Clarke, CEO of Inviro Medical. Greer is a long-standing leader in allergy immunotherapy and has a reputation as a partner to the allergy community. We are delighted that they have chosen to partner with Inviro Medical to make our range of InviroSNAP!® Safety Syringes available to the allergy specialty market.

The CDC estimates that more than 385,000 needlestick injuries occur each year among healthcare professionals. Inviro Medicals flagship product, the InviroSNAP!® Safety Syringe, is a manually retractable syringe that is designed to protect against needlesticks. While most safety syringes are retro-fitted using add-on pieces, the SNAP Safety Syringe is engineered with a safety feature integral to the design. After using the standard technique to administer a medication dose, the clinician pulls the plunger back, causing the needle to retract inside the barrel. The plunger is then snapped off, permanently disabling the device.

Our goal is to continue to bring new products to our customers, says John G. Roby, president and CEO of Greer. We believe that Inviro Medical has a unique product offering, now packaged to meet the requirements of the allergy market. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial collaboration with Inviro Medical.

Greer began offering InviroSNAP!® Safety Syringes to its customers in June 2007. Source: Greer and Inviro Medical