Healthpoint Launches Accuzyme Spray, a New Pump Method of Delivery for Wound-Debridement Product

FORT WORTH, Texas -- Healthpoint Ltd. announces  that Accuzyme (Papain, Urea) Ointment, its popular pharmaceutical product for wound debriding, is now available in a new pump-spray delivery system, Accuzyme Spray, on which a patent application is pending.


Accuzyme Spray is Healthpoint's second product to feature the unique, non-

aerosol, spray delivery.  Panafilo (Papain, Urea, Chlorophyllin Copper Complex

Sodium) Spray, from Healthpoint, arrived on the market in February, and the

wound healing, debriding and deodorizing product has quickly gained a



Until now, Accuzyme has been available only as an ointment that requires

the use of a manual applicator.  The new liquid-spray formulation of Accuzyme

allows for smooth, even application on a wound bed.  The spray bottle is easy

to maneuver, making it possible for Accuzyme to reach areas of a wound that

otherwise might receive inadequate coverage.


"This new delivery system for Accuzyme Spray is a great benefit both to

the patient with a wound that needs to be debrided, and to that patient's

caregiver," said Sherlene Bagley, Healthpoint's product director.  "It allows for more controlled and uniform delivery, particularly on a moist wound bed, without running or dripping.  This means that less Accuzyme is needed each time a wound is treated, which can translate into a significant cost savings if a wound requires multiple debridement



Healthcare providers in thousands of hospitals, wound-care centers and

long-term care facilities, as well as home-health workers and patients

themselves have used Accuzyme Ointment with great success for

debridement of acute and chronic wounds such as pressure, varicose and

diabetic ulcers; postoperative wounds; and burns and other wounds resulting

from injury.  Accuzyme Spray, like Accuzyme Ointment, is indicated for

debridement of necrotic tissue and liquefaction of slough in acute and chronic

wounds.  There are two active ingredients in Accuzyme Spray:  Papain, the

proteolytic enzyme from the fruit of carica papaya, is a potent digestant of

noviable protein matter, harmless to viable tissue, and active over a pH range

of 3 to 12; and urea, a water-soluble compound that is the major nitrogenous

end product of protein metabolism and is a denaturant of proteins.  Both are designed to work to remove from the wound bed non-viable proteins that impede healing.


The spray permits the product to be applied to a wound without the direct

contact of a cotton swab or tongue depressor, thus minimizing waste, mess,

possible infection and trauma to the patient.  Cost savings are achieved

through a reduced need for supplies and an increase in the number of

applications that can be administered per 33mL bottle of spray when compared

to a 30-gram tube of ointment.


A controlled study was conducted recently to assess the end-use clinical

application of the new spray when compared to the conventional ointment form.

Results showed that less time was required for the spray to be administered

than for the ointment, and that less material was consumed.


"Accuzyme has always been a fast debrider, but now it's even faster -- and

more accurate -- thanks to this easy-to-use spray delivery system," Bagley

said.  "Beyond the cost containment that's implied by the accuracy of the

spray, we see it resulting in even greater acceptance by patients and

clinicians because it is so easy to use."


Source: Healthpoint, Ltd.