Healthpoint Receives Patent for Xenaderm Ointment Vehicle

FORT WORTH, Texas -- Paul Dorman, CEO and chairman of DFB Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Healthpoint, Ltd., has announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted Healthpoint a patent for the ointment vehicle that is the basis for Healthpoint's Xenaderm, a prescription-only ointment that promotes healing and acts as a protective covering for wounds.

Healthpoint, Ltd., a DFB Pharmaceuticals affiliate and market leader in innovative tissue management, dermatology, and infection prevention, applied for the patent in the fall of 2001.

The patent describes the composition and method of manufacture of a pharmaceutically elegant, topical vegetable oil-based ointment containing hydrogenated castor oil and a drug active. The ointment can be used with and will serve as a vehicle for a wide range of drug active ingredients now and in the future, replacing the use of petroleum-based ointments, according to the company.

Lead inventor was David Jones, a senior scientific advisor in the research and development department.

"This patent is a tribute to Mr. Jones and his group. They continue to develop a very impressive body of patented technology and related intellectual property for our companies," said Mr. Dorman. "We applaud their efforts to provide unique, advanced, quality products for tissue management. Patients in all care settings will benefit."

"Xenaderm is formulated to promote healing and provide protection from harmful stimuli such as urine or feces," said Scott Goodridge, Healthpoint's marketing manager for skin management products. "This combination benefits the largest population of wound patients, including those that suffer from pressure ulcers and skin breakdown in the perineal area due to incontinence."

Goodridge says this patented single product, Xenaderm, essentially eliminates patients' needs for multiple products. When applied to a sensitive area, a temporary stinging sensation may be noted.

Healthpoint is a market leader in innovative tissue management, dermatology and infection prevention.

Source: PRNewswire