Honeywell Makes Improvements

Commercial Air Cleaners

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN-Honeywell has made some improvements to two of its existing commercial air cleaners, the F118 Air Cleaner and F111 Series II Air Cleaner. The F118 Air Cleaner is a flush-mounted unit that can filter and recirculate up to 425 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM). The F111 Series II is a semiflush-mounted unit that can filter and recirculate up to 1,000 CFM. They both utilize a disposable prefilter to capture large particles thereby extending the life of the main particle filter. Neither cleaner requires the use of outdoor air nor for air to be exhausted.

Both cleaners can be equipped with a CPZ module enabling the unit to capture gases, odors, and volatile organic compounds. When a cleaner is equipped with both a CPZ module and hospital-grade filter, Honeywell claims results from industry standard tests show it is 95% efficient at removing 0.3 micron particles. The same tests show another filter option, the 99.97% High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter, is 99.97% efficient at removing 0.3 micron particles passing through the filter.