IDSA Offers CME Course on Lyme Disease

Its spring, which means tiny ticks, no bigger than poppy seeds, are looking for human hosts just as people are getting outside more to enjoy the warmer weather. The bite of these ticks can cause Lyme disease. And Lyme disease is becoming more and more prevalent; there were nearly 30,000 confirmed cases of in 2009 and more than 8,500 probable cases. The number has risen steadily since 1995, when there were only 11,700 cases confirmed. About 95 percent of Lyme disease is found in the northeastern and Midwestern states.

To help clinicians evaluate and understand the proper diagnosis, treatment and prevention for Lyme disease, the Infectious Diseases Society of America has put together an interactive Lyme Disease Case Study Course based on its guideline "The Clinical Assessment, Treatment and Prevention of Lyme Disease, Human Granulocytic Anaplasmosis and Babesiosis." The course consists of a series of case studies written by expert faculty members. Physicians who complete the course will earn CME credit.

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