Images of Life, Inc. Announces Medical Breakthrough


TUCSON, Ariz. and TAMPA, Fla. -- Images of Life, Inc. has recently evaluated the functioning prototypes of the patented Protect-a-Pal and plans to begin the clinical investigative studies which should complete within six months of launch due to fast track testing and necessity of the product within clinical settings.

IMLF's primary product through a venture with Glacier Medical, LLC, the Protect-a-Pal is designed to provide revolutionary protection for all available syringe needle systems in healthcare settings. The product has undergone scrutiny from healthcare workers and reportedly received positive feedback.

The challenge is needlestick injury to healthcare workers, a problem that costs on average according to the American Hospital Association, up to $1 million or more in expenditures for testing, follow up, lost time and disability payments for one case. Each time a healthcare worker is accidentally stuck with a used needle, the cost of follow up is almost $3000 when no infection occurs, multiply that by the 900,000 or so nurses who are reported stuck in the U.S. alone and the prophylactic treatment is staggering.

The Protect-a-Pal provides the healthcare worker with protection in the healthcare setting and will allow institutions and clinical environments to comply with new laws and regulations requiring the provision of safer needle systems. Thousands of needles are used daily in the U.S., and laws are in place requiring clinical settings to provide safer syringe and needle systems. Contract constraints and purchasing power often can limit the ability of institutions to provide the safe work environment the workers deserve.

"We have a simple device that will provide the healthcare worker the protection they so desperately need, at a minimal cost to the institutions, and the only device available that will work with any given syringe needle system. This is a win/win for everyone," says inventor Richard Powell.

Images of Life, Inc., through its subsidiaries, Images of Life, Canada Ltd., and affiliate Glacier Medical LLC identifies and commercializes cutting-edge medical products and technologies.

Source: PRNewswire

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