Improvita's Well Kids Zone® Products Help Kids 'Lick' Flu Symptoms

CLEVELAND -- Put the Well Kids Zone line of products on your next shopping list. The holidays are fast approaching, but along with the season of good cheer, sleigh bells and snowmen comes the season of winter colds and influenza.  Children suffer an average of six to eight colds a year, and this year in particular threatens to be an especially bad flu season, as the United States faces a dangerous flu vaccine shortage leaving thousands vulnerable to this years strain.  To help combat this years winter ailments, Improvita is introducing the Well Kids Zone, a product line designed specifically for children.

The Well Kids Zone line includes Runny Rhino Cold Relief products, Gassy Gator stomach relief products, Boogie Busters Nasal Spray, and the reintroduction of the Get Better Bear Pops.  The Runny Rhino Cold Relief line includes lollipops, gels, lozenges and jelly bean/chews; its active formula of Taste-Zero Chelated Vitamin C with Zinc boosts the immune system and relieves cold symptoms. Boogie Busters Nasal Spray provides fast relief of nasal congestion by moisturizing and opening a childs nasal passages. And, the Gassy Gator line is an excellent source of calcium available in pops, gels and jelly bean/chews; it relieves upset stomachs, nausea, and symptoms of the stomach flu.  Finally, the Get Better Bear Sore Throat Pops are bear-shaped lollipops brought out of hibernation this year when Improvita purchased the product line from Wyeth Consumer Healthcare.

The innovative lollipop, gel, lozenge, and chew delivery modalities from the Well Kids Zone line provide the slow release of active formulations that are proven to help alleviate cold and flu symptoms, boost immune systems and shorten the duration of the illness.  Each mode of delivery has advantages:

Lollipops are safer for little mouths than lozenges since they reduce the choking hazard, and they relieve sore throat pain. Chews provide the same active vitamins and minerals, but in an easy-to-administer soft chew jelly bean form.  Some children prefer the gel with its innovative pump, and the lozenges are appropriate for adults.

Improvita is also excited about the implementation of nanotechnology in the foundation of the Well Kids Zone gel products, the Runny Rhino Cough and Cold Relief Gel and Gassy Gator Nausea Relief Gel.  Nanotechnology, the science of building and manipulating structures at a molecular level, has allowed for better control of dosing, potency and stability.  Nanoparticles are a perfect size for targeting bacteria and viruses with precision.


Source: Improvita