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Inceptio Medical Technologies

PunctSURE is a patented, portable ultrasound device designedto help clinicians visually locate and identify veins and arteries for preciseneedle placement before attempting vessel cannulation. The PunctSURE system features real-time procedure monitoringand is the only vascular access imaging system to offer hands-free operation anddual-view imaging. PunctSURE provides user-friendly software interface, a largedual-image display screen and is battery and AC operated.

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The IQAir® FlexVac is the only mobile air filtration systemevaluated as suitable for use in SARS containment in Hong Kong hospitals. TheFlexVac is positioned near the SARS patients bed and the flexible suction armis positioned near the patients mouth to capture airborne droplets fromcoughing and sneezing. IQAirs independently type-tested HyperHEPA® filterremoves even the smallest airborne microorganisms, including the SARS virus,with efficiency in excess of 99.5 percent.

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Philips Medical Systems

HeartStart Disposable Sterile Internal Defibrillation Paddlesare a unique addition to the market, offering real advantages over conventionalreusable internal defibrillation paddles. These advantages are most beneficialto OR staff who currently must maintain and handle defibrillation paddles beforeand after their use; to patients, who are at risk of cross-contamination associatedwith any reusable, invasive surgical product; and to biomedical engineers, whoseresponsibilities include testing, tracking and investigating failures ofreusable paddles. Switched and switchless models are available in small (2.8centimeters), medium (4.5 centimeters) and large (6.5 centimeters).

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Spectral Genomics

The DiversiLab System is a standardized, kit-based platformusing rep-PCR technology to accelerate the differentiation of species,subspecies and strains for bacterial and fungal pathogens. Accurate, reproducible, same-day results are available in aslittle as four hours. This enables quick interruption, differentiation andtracking of nosocomial infections to the source. The systems software enablesusers to build a proprietary database of pathogens from their own facility fortracking and comparison.

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Marvel Scientific, Inc.

Marvel Scientific unveils an entire line ofantimicrobialcoated stainless steel appliances, refrigerators, freezers and icemachines manufactured using antimicrobial-coated stainless steel. Moistureactivates the controlled release of silver ions to suppress the growth ofmicrobes, including mold, mildew and bacteria. Six models are available, whichcan be built into casework or installed under lab benches.

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The power of CaviCide in a wipe. CaviWipes and CaviWipesXL aredesigned to kill TB in five minutes and HBV in three minutes. They areconvenient, durable, non-woven, non-abrasive towels that will not bunch upduring use. They are designed to offer superior surface contact and better fluidcapacity vs. other wipes. CaviWipes and CaviWipesXL are recommended for all nonporoussurfaces in the healthcare setting, such as operating rooms, surgical centers,neonatal units, medical operatories and other critical-care areas.

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Spectrum Surgical Instrument Corp.

Spectra-Moist was clinically developed to prevent bloodfrom drying on surgical instruments. Fast, safe and easy to use, Spectra-Moiststhree-detergent formula begins the cleaning process immediately, helping to saveyour instruments from the harmful chloride ions found in dried-on blood.Completely different from spray-on enzymatics, Spectra-Moist has a neutral pHand has a pleasant fresh floral scent. Available in a 32 ounce spray bottle,Spectra-Moist sells for only $8.39 per bottle.

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Tronex Healthcare Industries

Tronex Healthcare Industries introduces AirTouch HandSanitizing spray. This uniquely designed hygienic hand antiseptic spray isdesigned to kill 99 percent of bacteria commonly associated with disease andinfection, making it an ideal tool for preventing cross contamination. TheTronex brand hand sanitizer spray meets all FDA standards for healthcarepersonnel hand sanitizing. The addition of active emollient moisturizers helpssoothe and soften hands.

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