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SDA Products, Inc.

The Shower C.A.P. (Catheter Access Protector Dressing),available in adult and pediatric sizes, is specifically designed for dialysis,hematology-oncology, transplant and immunodeficiency virus patients living withindwelling devices such as catheters to protect their exit wound site and thecatheter hub and cap ends while performing normal daily activities. Thisdressing is designed to significantly reduce catheter-related infections bypreventing fluid and debris from presenting to the catheter hub, cap ends and/orskin surrounding the exit site.

(305) 949-9580

Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp.

Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp. introduces a newlydesigned cleaning brush for acetabular reamers. This brush is made usinganti-microbial nylon bristles, which allow for longer brush life and help toprevent the spread of bacteria. The acetabular reamer brush is double-ended, with one rounded,circular brush designed for cleaning bone from the inside of a round acetabularreamer. The second end is perfect for forcing bone from the individual cuttingslots in the reamer.

(800) 444-5644 or

Kem Medical Products

The badge that protects and serves. Kem Medical Products#8550 Glutaraldehyde Monitor protects by detecting exposure with accuracyvalidated at 0.02 ppm, and serves as documentation of compliance by measuring aslow as the lowest recommended exposure standards (NIOSH - 0.2 ppm and ACGIH -0.05 ppm). Includes: Pre-paid mailer, prompt laboratory analysis and report,immediate phone notification of high results and technical support to help youprovide a safe work environment for your employees.

(800) 553-0330 or

Camfil Farr

Cam. l Farr has introduced an updated V-bank Durafil® airfilter that combines energy efficiency and long service life with new plasticconstruction. The enclosing frame and media pack supports are now of high-impactplastic that reduces the weight of the filter, is not subject to corrosion andresists damage during shipping and installation-flused in place of box-typefilters or other ASHRAE-rated products, the Durafil filter is ideal for variableair volume (VAV) systems, air-starved systems or any application where energysavings is a priority.

(866) 4CAMFIL or

Healthmark Industries Co.

Make your life easier with the EasyStringer. The plexi-glassbase is slotted to accept a standard instrument stringer. Simply string oneinstrument upon another, stacking them up on the base. Then close off thestringer, lift out of the base and use.

(800) 521-6224 or

Arizant Healthcare, Inc.

Arizant Healthcare, Inc. announces a third new underbodyblanket has been added to its Bair Hugger® underbody series. The Model 545Adult Underbody blanket allows the clinician to provide warming whilemaintaining full access to the patient during interventional and diagnosticprocedures performed in the cardiac catherization lab or interventionalradiology suite. The blanket design also works well for patients undergoingsurgical procedures performed in the operating room.

(800) 733-7775 or


Remedy, the newest advancement in skin care, is designed toimprove and strengthen patients skin more effectively than anything on themarket today. The key to Remedy is Olivamine, a proprietary blend ofantioxidants, amino acids and methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). All Remedy productscontain Olivamine to help nourish the skin in a completely new way. The aminoacids in the Olivamine are treated with photoacoustic resonance to reshape theminto a more bio-available form.

(800) MEDLINE or

PCI Medical, Inc.

PCI Medical, Inc. announces the latest version of their Compact Ductless Fume Systems specifically designed for soaking delicate flexible endoscopes. Fumes from glutaraldehyde, OPA and other disinfectants are effectively neutralized inside the patented carbon filter. The unique molded soak tray included with the G17HS or G17HS-E systems holds your flexiblehysteroscope or cystoscope in the right position while using only a half-gallonof disinfectant.

(800) 862-3394 or

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