Infection Control Today - 10/2004: Product Locator


Designed by endoscopy nurses, this round soaking trayaccommodates flexible scopes. The 20-inch diameter tray features a shelfsupport area with a Velcro strap for securing the vulnerable portion ofnon-immersible scopes.

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Nonin Medical, Inc.

Nonins Avant® 4000 System is a wearable digital pulseoximeter that connects wirelessly to a tabletop display. Utilizing Bluetooth®technology, the Avant 4000 improves patient freedom by eliminating the wirebetween the patient and monitor; ideal for short-range use within a 30-footradius. This lightweight, durable system features PureSAT signal processingtechnology, 120 hours of battery life and 33 hours of memory. In addition, theAvant 4000 is compatible with Nonins full line of PureLight® sensors andnVISION® software.

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Air Science Technologies, Inc.

Air Science Technologies, Inc. presents the new LabHood 20. Air Science Technologies is also announcing an upgraded Monairproduct range. These upgrades include: sliding front sash made of temperedsafety glass providing easy access to a full open front which replaces thehinged acrylic door; low airflow alarm, both visual and audible that replacesthe visual only alarm; two-speed fan and the addition of a night run positionwhich replaces the single-speed fan.

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Technical Concepts

The AutoFaucet® with Surround Sensor Technology (SST), thelatest innovation from Technical Concepts, is the first automatic faucet thatactivates as soon as hands come within a few inches above, below, or along thesides of the spout. The AutoFaucet with SST uses capacitive sensors instead ofan infrared beam to detect the presence of hands. It is powered by standardalkaline batteries that are easily installed beneath the sink along with thesensor mechanism.

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Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp.

Spectrum Surgical Instruments introduces the CleaningT-Handle. The T-Handle was developed to prevent cleaning detergent and waterfrom damaging the internal components of power hand-pieces. Previously,technicians were instructed to leave the hose in place, but the T-Handleeliminates the need for the hose and offers a more convenient approach tocleaning. Made from stainless steel, the T-Handle attaches to the hand-pieceexactly like an air hose, making it simple to use.

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Terumo Medical Corporation

Terumo announces the availability of four new sizes ofSurGuard2 needles: 25 gauge x 1½ inches, 26 gauge x ½ inch, 27 gauge x ½inch and 30 gauge x ½ inch. Terumo Medical offers one of the broadest lines ofsafety needles and syringes in order to cover a wide range of applications inhealthcare facilities. In addition to having full line of safety needles andsyringes, SurGuard2 has unique features to help healthcare facilities transitioneasily to safety devices and comply with the latest OSHA regulations.

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Current Technologies, Inc.

SAF DE-CAP® protects lab workersfrom aerosol and splash when removing caps from blood tubes and micro samples,or breaking open ampules. Translucent, pliant SAF DE-CAP is placed over bloodtube cap, gripped and cap pulled off. Aerosol and splash remains in SAF DE-CAP; gloves remainclean and fewer contaminants are spread throughout the lab. SAF DE-CAP isa cost-effective way of adding a level of safety.

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PLG Co. introduces the EZP portable urinal holder, a uniquedevice aimed at solving several problems in the personal care field. The EZPresolves the problem of hard-to-reach urinals by keeping them within easy reachof the client. The EZP reduces spills, therefore maintaining a cleaner and moresanitary environment for the patient and the caretaker. The EZP straps to theside of the rail of the clients bed, allowing for easy reach and return afteruse.

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