Infection Control Today - 11/2004: Product Locator

E-MED Corporation

I.V. (PD) STRIP sterile dressing / immobilizer is an all-in-oneresealable dressing for IVs, PDs and central line catheters. The I.V. (PD) STRIPoffers complete securement of both catheter hub and tubing, thereby reducingmechanical irritation. Exit site is protected and stabilized by soft gauze whiletubing is immobilized. Resealable feature allows tubing changes and siteinspections. Super hypoallergenic! Clinical trial resulted in 63 percentreduction of exit site infections in PD setting.

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To aid compliance with CDC and JCAHO hand hygiene guidelines,Coloplast Corp. is offering the Coloplast S.A.M.E. Hand Hygiene Program.S.A.M.E. stands for Soap and Water, Alcohol-based hand rub, Moisturization andEducation, and represents the cornerstone of the CDC and JCAHO guidelines.Coloplasts Soft Touch Antimicrobial Lotion Skin Cleanser or Kind TouchLotion Skin Cleanser meets the guidelines soap and water requirements.Coloplast also offers Isagel® No-Rinse Antiseptic Hand Cleansing Gel in a gelor towelette form to meet the alcohol-based hand-rub requirements. To maintainskin integrity, Coloplast offers Xtra-Care® Lotion.

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Arizant Healthcare Inc.

Arizant Healthcare Inc. announces the release of the Model 635Cardiac Underbody blanket, the fourth inclusion to the Bair Hugger underbodyblanket series. The Model 635 allows the clinician to provide warming whilemaintaining full access to the patient during cardiac procedures or othercomplex surgical procedures. This efficient design allows the clinician toprovide Bair Hugger therapy to the patient from the onset of complex surgicalprocedures.

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Professional Disposables International(PDI) announces the launch of the Sani- Cloth® Brand Wipes Extra-LargeGermicidal Disposables Wipes in a new wipe size and count, and the introductionof the Locking Sani-Bracket Wall and Mobile Equipment System for storing anddisplaying Sani-System® wipes within hospitals and health care facilities. Theentire Sani-Cloth line of extra-large germicidal disposable wipes has beenreengineered to provide enhanced surface coverage, easier dispensability andincreased counts in every canister.

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GOJO Industries

GOJO Industries, a longtime leader in the skin care category,now offers a hand sanitizer solution for high-traffic areas where wall-mounteddispensers are not feasible. The PURELL® Instant Hand Sanitizer 2L Pump Bottle meets largevolume needs and can work with an installable wall bracket or as a stand aloneoption. A CORRECT DOSE CLIP is attached to every bottle for dispensing asingle-use portion with each stroke. When unfastened, it allows longer pumpstrokes for refi lling smaller bottles such as the PURELL Personal System withlanyard or retractable clip options.

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Kem Medical Products

Your vapor phase hydrogen peroxide sterilization system iswell-designed for personal safety. Now you can document compliance with OSHAs1.0 ppm 8-hour PEL for personal exposure to hydrogen peroxide. The Kem MedicalProducts #8560 Hydrogen Peroxide Monitor is a lightweight badge that isvalidated for accuracy. Includes: Pre-paid mailer, prompt laboratory analysisand report, immediate phone notification of high results, and technical supportto help you provide a safe work environment for your employees.

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Venetec International

Venetec International introduces a StatLock® IV Ultra Neonatecatheter securement device, the first catheter securement device designedspecifically for IV catheters in the neonatal nursery. The device replaces tape securement of peripheral IV cathetersand is designed to provide significantly longer catheter dwell times than arepossible with taped catheters in the neonatal nursery. The new StatLock canreduce tape-related problems including complications and discomfort forneonates, costs related to unscheduled catheter restarts and needlestick riskfor nurses.

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Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp.

Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp. is pleased to announce the addition of a complete line ofmicrosurgical instrument trays. The trays are designed for use with delicate andmicro instruments and offer maximum protection and ease of handling. The durableand lightweight polymer trays are fully autoclavable and can withstandtemperatures up to 380 degrees. The trays are available in many sizes, rangingfrom very small (2.75 inches by 1.75 inches) to larger trays measuring 10 inchesby 15 inches, with many sizes in between.

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