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Jones Companies, Ltd.

Jones Companies Ltd. is evolving the microfiber cleaningindustry with its speeds microfiber cleaning system. speeds pads are made by utilizing Deep Groove microfibertechnology called 4DG Technology, which is a registered trademark of ClemsonUniversity Research Foundation. 4DG fiber is produced by using only one polymerand is uniquely designed with deep grooves or channels that run along the lengthof each fiber. The grooves provide unique features to the fiber that can serveas ducts to move fluid and store and trap substances. Due to its one polymerconstruction, 4DG can endure bleach-safe laundering. In addition, speedscontains a multi-fiber blend that provides for additional absorption and isprotected with an antimicrobial fiber to inhibit the growth of destructivebacteria on the pad. The blend is resistant to Staphylococcusaureus and Klebsiellapneumonaie. speeds pads are able to absorb over fivetimes their own weight, trap and store dust and dirt particles, remove scuffmarks, and transport cleaning solution, which all lead to cleaner floors and theprevention of the transmission of pathogens.

(800) 238-8334

Ansell Healthcare Products, LLC

Ansellintroduced a softer Micro-Touch® Nitrile examination glove. Micro-Touch Nitrilegloves are 100 percent nitrile, eliminating latex allergy while providingeffective barrier protection. The improved Micro-Touch Nitrile is punctureresistant, is textured to improve grip in both wet and dry procedures, andoffers better dexterity and comfort. Ansells glove remains powder-free tohelp eliminate powder-related complications.

(888) 882-5288

Sempermed USA, Inc.

Designed for use in high-risk situations, Sempermed hascreated a powder-free glove that is 12.4 mms thick at the fingertip and providesmore than double the barrier protection. The Polymed® XP gloves interiorco-polymer and latex is designed for increased strength, durability, and tearresistance. In addition, the co-polymer coating provides added comfort againstthe skin and ease of donning for both wet and dry hands. Textured fingertips offer excellent sensing and a safe grip.The Polymed XP is 12.4 inches in length and has a beaded cuff that providesexceptional barrier protection for hands and lower arm.

(800) 366-9545

Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp.

Spectrums wire-twisted cleaning brushes are now producedusing anti-microbial nylon bristles. The new anti-microbial bristles helpprotect staff by resisting bacterial growth and offering increased infectioncontrol properties.

(800) 444-5644

Healthmark Industries Co.

Healthmarks Absorbent Tray Liners are produced from pure cellulose EFG wood pulp, manufactured with low chloride and sulfate content, and are free from optical dyes. The liners can be safely used next to delicate instruments during sterilization to absorb and rapidly disperse condensate for complete evaporation facilitating the production of dry packs and assisting the sterilization process.

(800) 521-6224

Sloan Valve Company

Sloans Optima® Handwashing Sink, outfitted with a selection of electronic faucets, is a single-station sink constructed from 14-gauge type 304 stainless steel. The sink features a raised outer rim that prevents splashing and dripping, angled corners with recessed front panel to protect users from sharp corners, a filtered solenoid valve with serviceable Y strainer filter, and troubleshooting LED indicator lights. Deluxe and traditional surgical scrub sinks are also available in single-, double-, and triple-station models. Features include either an adjustable above-deck mechanical or below-deck thermostatic mixing valve, a choice of sensor-operated 24 VAC faucets, and seamless welds to prohibit bacteria growth.

(800) 9-VALVE-9

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