Intraoperative Ultrasound Transducers Compatible with Low-Temperature Sterilization Systems

Hitachi-Aloka announces it is now endorsing the STERIS Amsco® V-PRO® 1, V-PRO® 1 Plus and V-PRO® maX Low Temperature Sterilization Systems, manufactured by STERIS Corporation, as compatible sterilization methods for all of its Aloka intraoperative transducers. The endorsements follow completion of sterilization validation and device functionality studies performed by STERIS in accordance with recognized ANSI/AAMI/ISO standards and guidelines, as well as pertinent FDA requirements.

Hitachi-Aloka is proud to be the first and only ultrasound company with its intraoperative transducers compatible with the STERIS V-PRO systems, says David Famiglietti, CEO of Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd. The STERIS V-PRO technologies can be utilized with all the Aloka intraoperative transducers, and our compatibility means that facilities no longer need to differentiate between the various STERIS V-PRO systems for use with our products. As a company dedicated to ultrasound for surgeons, this is yet another way that Hitachi-Aloka is helping our customers achieve greater efficiencies."

 Customers appreciate validated processes that can streamline their sterile processing workflow, says Sudhir Pahwa, vice president and general manager of the STERIS Infection Prevention Technologies Group. In this case, the ability to use any or all of our V-PRO systems to reprocess Aloka intraoperative transducers will simplify decision-making and improve reprocessing options for departments.