Kimberly-Clark Professional Introduces Touchless Countertop Skin Care System

Kimberly-Clark Professional has introduced the Kleenex Touchless Counter Mount Skin Care System, a luxurious and hygienic sealed soap system that is easy to install and delivers a perfect shot of foam soap without misfires or wasteful drips.


A patent-pending Smart Shot dispensing technology offers facilities three customized dispenser settings to give each user the perfect shot size every time, in every restroom.  An adjustable sensor eliminates misfires, while a vacuum feature draws any remaining drops of foam back into the straw, eliminating messy, wasteful drips.  During cold and flu season, a facility can even select a setting that provides a double shot of foam for added protection.  


The Kimberly-Clark Professional countertop system also helps reduce cross contamination in two ways.  Touchless dispensing prevents the transfer of germs and harmful bacteria (via the hands) from potentially contaminated surfaces, while the sealed soap refills protect the soap from contamination.  (Research has shown that 25 percent of unsealed soap systems are contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria.)  Together, these features greatly reduce the spread of germs to deliver a hygienic handwashing experience with well-engineered efficiency.


The system is available with three Kleenex brand luxury foam soap formulations, including a Green Seal Certified option.  The high-capacity 1.5 liter refills help reduce maintenance time and can be replaced quickly and easily.


The Kleenex Touchless Counter Mount Skin Care System is the latest addition to the Kimberly-Clark Professional bundle of touchless hygienic washroom product solutions, which also includes the Electronic Hard Roll Towel Dispenser, the JRT Electronic Coreless Bath Tissue Dispenser and the wall-mounted Electronic Cassette Skin Care System.  For more information about Kimberly-Clark Professional products, visit


Handwashing is a key theme of a new Kimberly-Clark Professional program called the Healthy Workplace Project, a comprehensive approach to hand hygiene aimed at reducing workplace absenteeism and the productivity and business losses that occur when workers are sidelined by colds, the flu and other contagious ailments.  It aims to break the germ transmission chain by providing a host of materials to educate and engage employees as well as tools to help employers reduce absenteeism.  For more information, visit