Lab Veteran Invents Needlestick Prevention Device

Kenneth L Ferrier, BSMT, MS, PhD, a laboratory technologist with more than 46 years of experience in building and running medical laboratories, has invented a medical device for drawing blood that drastically cuts back on accidental needlesticks.

Ferrier is a survivor of hepatitis he contracted from an accidental needlestick while drawing blood. A good friend of his died from AIDS that he contracted from an accidental needlestick.

Every day medical personnel accidentally stick themselves with a contaminated needle, and these accidental needlesticks all too often result in the contraction of a contagious disease, some of which are fatal.

"Seeing so many of my colleagues getting sick from accidental needle sticks made me realize something had to be done about the problem," says Ferrier. "That's when I came up with the idea for the Rainbow Tube System. The Rainbow Tube System will dramatically reduce the number of times a patient needs to be stuck when drawing blood for the various tests the doctor requests from the lab."

Ferrier asked his brother Charles to help him put together an expert team to build and trial the Rainbow Tube System. Their goal is to complete the research and development within six months to a year. To that end, they have elected to appeal for funding from the crowd funding platform of Donations to help the project become a reality can be made at

"Our ultimate goal is to save lives, and we believe the Rainbow Tube System will do that," Charles Ferrier says. "Please check out the Rainbow Tube System, and please help us spread the word. Every donation helps toward saving another life."