LaMonica Clams Possibly Contaminated

CAPE MAY, NJ-Officials from Cape May Foods are asking people to check their pantries; cans of LaMonica brand of chopped clams may be contaminated with the potentially fatal Clostridium botulinum--botulism.

The company was contacted after consumers called to report swollen cans--a tell tale sign of botulism infection. Officials from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) say clams should not be eaten if they smell spoiled, whether the can is swollen or not.

Botulism is a bacterium responsible for serious forms of food poisoning. Toxins created by the bacterium cause nerve and muscle damage and can cause paralysis.

Officials say symptoms include muscle weakness, double vision, respiratory distress, and trouble speaking or swallowing. They urge people with these symptoms to seek emergency medical treatment immediately.

The batch of clams recalled carries the code C271C and was produced last march. They were mainly sold to the Northeast.

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