Linebacker Debuts Next Generation of Enhancements to IV Secondary Securement Device

Linebacker, Inc. announces the re-development and release of its IV-securement products, Linebacker PEDS and Linebacker NEONATAL, with improved features for patient comfort and reduction of tape-related skin issues and IV catheter dislodgements in infants and young patients.

In redesigning the current versions of Linebacker PEDS and Linebacker NEONATAL, our goal was to eliminate the potential of the hook or any corners of the product to come in contact with the patient, says Jack Kromar, CEO of Linebacker, Inc. These improvements, based on feedback from experts who deal with neonatal and pediatric patients on a daily basis, make the products even more patient-friendly.

Linebacker PEDS and Linebacker NEONATAL comfortably lock in catheter and IV lines with a secure hook and loop closure. The products are disposable and designed for single-patient use. They protect even the smallest of patients by helping to lower the number of restarts due to accidental dislodgement and reducing the opportunity for tape-related complications, skin irritation and skin tears.

Improvements to the original design include:
- Narrowing the width of the hook to make it easier when folding over the tubing, reducing the chances of the hook or its corners being exposed to the patient
- Using a "lower profile" hook
- Attaching the hook to the loop from the opposite side and sewing it to the loop, again eliminating the potential of the hook or its corners being exposed to the patient

Several childrens hospitals and departments have expressed interest in trialing the device in the first quarter of 2014.

Linebacker® was developed by Dr. David Sybert, an anesthesiologist at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. The patented system uses a secure hook and loop strap to secure IV tubing and catheters. Linebacker was named a Top Product in 2009 and 2010 by EMS PRO Magazine.

Source: Linebacker, Inc.