Med-Design Launches New One-Handed Safety Dental Syringe

VENTURA, Calif. -- The Med-Design Corporation, a leader in the design and development of safety-engineered devices for medical use, announces it has launched its first gross margin product, the 1Shot Safety Dental Syringe. The 1Shot Safety Dental Syringe is a one-handed, single-use, disposable safety syringe injector used for the delivery of dental anesthetics. It employs a unique retracting design inherent in all Med-Design safety products.

The 1Shot Safety Dental Syringe will be exclusively distributed worldwide by Sultan Chemists, a leader in the field of infection control and oral therapeutics. Paul Seid, Sultan's president, commented, "Our customers have been telling us that a well-designed, user friendly safety dental syringe that doesn't change user technique would be very well received and we believe the 1Shot answers that need." Sultan will market the product to dentists, dental groups and government institutions through established dental retailers.

The 1Shot Safety Dental Syringe will be manufactured for Med-Design by Owens-Illinois using equipment designed and owned by Med-Design. Owens-Illinois is one of the world's leading manufacturers of glass and plastic packaging and medical products. All process qualification requirements have been completed and initial product shipments have been made to Sultan, who will soon begin delivering the product to dental clinics throughout the U.S.

"We are very encouraged by the positive response Sultan experienced during the pre-launch promotion of the device," said David Dowsett, Med-Design's COO. "Because the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act and OSHA compliance guidelines clearly apply to dentistry, more and more dentists are recognizing their responsibility to provide a safety dental syringe to protect themselves, their employees and patients from accidental needle sticks."

The 1Shot Safety Dental Syringe is Med-Design's first gross margin product, whereby Med-Design has regulatory and production oversight and will generate gross margin revenue. Dowsett added, "This is a significant milestone for Med-Design marking an expansion from the licensing revenue model the company utilized exclusively in the past. We plan to bring other safety-engineered devices to the market using this approach."

Source: Med-Design Corporation