Medi-Hut, Inc. Introduces New Anti-Stick Safety Syringe

Accidental Needle Sticks Account for 33% of All Work-Related Injuries

The American Nurses Association reports that 600,000 to 1 million healthcare workers are injured by conventional needles and sharps annually, with the majority of the injuries occurring while recapping or disposing of the needle. While most reported injuries involve nursing staff, there is also a risk to laboratory staff, physicians, housekeepers, and other healthcare workers. Of those injured, 16,000 per year will result in infection.

Medi-Hut, Inc., Lakewood, NJ, is manufacturing a new passive, one-step anti-stick safety syringe. The syringe will incorporate a transport sleeve into which the needle will automatically retract after use, rendering the needle inoperable. Needle-stick safety was introduced into legislation with the passing of a law in California in 1998. Since then, 15 states have passed needle- stick safety bills and more states have pending legislation.