Medical Services International Gets Ready for the West Nile Virus

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EDMONTON, Alberta -- Medical Services International Inc. announces that all of the appropriate testing for its VScan West Nile test kit will be completed by the

end of May 2004. The company has purchased all the necessary equipment to

allow it to begin large scale production of the West Nile rapid test kit



The company developed this test kit as a result of a license agreement

with the Public Health Service in the United States. The West Nile test kit

detects the West Nile virus in humans. The company has also developed a test

kit that is able to detect the West Nile virus in animals.

The VScan rapid test kit is a single-use, easy-to-use test for the screening of HIV 1 and 2 and subgroup O, hepatitis B and C, Tuberculosis (TB) and West Nile. The kits cannot be sold in Canada.

Source: Medical Services International Inc.