Medical Services Ships Tuberculosis VScan Test Kits to the Philippines

EDMONTON, Alberta -- Medical Services International Inc announces it will ship its VScan test kits for detection of Tuberculosis (TB) to the Philippines. The test kits will be used in field-testing in remote areas where there are little or no medical facilities that can do traditional testing for TB. In the last several years TB has become prevalent in the Philippines. If the field-testing is successful, the company believes that this will open a large market in Southeast Asia for its VScan Rapid test for TB. The company has also had requests to increase its testing of the VScan HIV 1&2 in the Philippines. The company has agreed to ship enough samples of the HIV 1&2 test kits to meet the full testing protocol required for regulatory approval.

Medical Services International is a medically related holding company with its head office in Edmonton Alberta. The diagnostic test division was created in response to a worldwide demand for a less costly, rapid, technically, simplified method to test for infectious diseases. The company has developed Rapid Test Kits for the detection of HIV1&2 and subgroup O, Hepatitis B and C and TB. The company is currently developing additional rapid test kits for the West Nile and Dengue Fever. The results of the VScan test kits are fast (results in under 15 minutes), easy to use, accurate greater than 99 percent of the time, require no refrigeration or special storage and can be used anywhere without the need of medical personnel. The VScan test kits are ideally suited for testing large populations and in remote areas where access to traditional testing is limited. The test kits are not for sale in Canada.

Source: Medical Services International Inc