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Healthcare organizations and their staff know that providing a patient-centered experience is not only everyone’s role, but it is becoming a critical piece of an organization’s mission. In fact, just this month the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) rolled out a new Hospital Compare star rating system to help bring more transparency to data so consumers can make more informed decisions about their care. During Patient Experience Week, April 27 through May 1, leading healthcare solutions and product supplier Medline Industries, Inc. celebrates with facilities the special human connection between healthcare professionals, patients and their families. The week also is a reminder of the significant impact one positive interaction can have on a patient.
“We all want to be heard and acknowledged as human entities,” says Martie Moore, chief nursing officer at Medline. “When caregivers slow down enough to really listen, you can learn so much about your patients and those they love. Patient Experience Week helps us to pause and center ourselves back to what is truly the heart of healthcare: care and compassion. It’s also a time to challenge ourselves to put ourselves in patients’ shoes.”
The company’s latest solutions in patient experience highlight how modifications large and small can make a meaningful impact. Some examples include hospital gowns that tie on the side for added modesty,  colorful, pajama-like pediatric patient gowns that are snuggly soft and clinician-friendly,  room design that reflects a homey feel, advanced wound and skin care products that enhance comfort and resources for post-discharge to help prevent readmissions among home care and hospice patients.
Medline’s new CarePac™ has proven that small comfort products-such as ear plugs, eye masks, premium lip balm, and a notebook for the patient or family to jot down questions about care-can help meet a patient’s emotional needs and promote a special connection between patients and hospital staff.
The CarePacs were designed by a team of experts across healthcare, research, design and manufacturing. An expert in social behavioral studies observed and researched patients and care teams firsthand in the healthcare environment. Another key member of the team, a designer who specializes in patient-centered design solutions, targeted key aspects of the patient experience, while providing opportunities for a powerful brand touch point.

Dignity Health System’s St. John’s Regional Medical Center in Oxnard Calif. conducted a case study on changing the cultural perception of quietness in the hospital and provided CarePacs to all patients. Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems or HCAHPS survey scores on patient satisfaction rose significantly in 2013 and the Pacs were credited as a contributing factor. The facility’s performance within Dignity Health System also rose, jumping from 15th overall out of 35 hospitals in surgical inpatient care scores in 2011, to the third highest performing facility for inpatient surgical care in 2014.
The addition of CarePacs impacted employee satisfaction as well. Not only did the CarePacs instill pride, but interactions among staff changed because nurses and environmental services (EVS) staff both distributed the Pacs to patients and played a role in making the patient feel comfortable, cared for and understood.
Patient Experience Week April 27 to May 1
Today’s patient is changing from a clinical standpoint, and patients now expect a highly consumer-friendly experience. Additionally, there are more consumers of healthcare than ever before, many of whom are new users of healthcare as a result of the Affordable Care Act.
During Patient Experience Week, Medline chief market solutions officer Sue MacInnes also will host webinars with Deborah Adler, maker of the ClearRx® Medication System for Target®, on a range of healthcare topics, from hospital-acquired infections to designing kits that support patient care needs.
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The week also will include stories on the Medline blog, The Voices of Healthcare. Read Martie Moore’s blog kicking off Patient Experience Week, and check back for features throughout the week at:

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