Medline to Distribute IrriSept Wound Debridement and Cleansing System

Medline Industries, Inc. announces that it has begun distribution of the IrriSept® line of cleansing products. IrriSept is a FDA-cleared wound debridement and cleansing system containing a solution of 0.05 percent chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) used as a preservative within the solution. The IrriSept system is designed for use on a wide variety of wounds including skin and soft tissue infections, abscesses, deep traumatic wounds, surgical wounds, lacerations and puncture wounds.

The patented IrriSept delivery system delivers 450 milliliters of solution in less than 30 seconds to dislodge and remove bacteria without harming underlying tissues, while the patented SplatterGuard reduces splatter that may occur during the irrigation procedure, protecting healthcare professionals and reducing aerosolized contamination.

"The IrriSept wound debridement and cleansing system is a unique product that is designed specifically to facilitate wound cleansing, a critical factor in avoiding wound infection," says Gareth Clarke, CEO of IrriMax®. "We are excited to be partnering with Medline which can provide us with the professional sales organization and logistical infrastructure needed to further expand IrriSepts distribution."

"Medline is pleased to provide a new, innovative product to our customers and support IrriSept through our distribution network," says Bill Abrams, president of Distributed Products of Medline Industries, Inc.