Merger of National Biological Standards Board with Health Protection Agency Welcomed

The announcement by the Secretary of State for Health of the merger of the National Biological Standards Board with the Health Protection Agency (HPA) has been welcomed by both bodies.

Sir William Stewart, chairman of the HPA said, There are already considerable synergies between the two bodies particularly in the area of infectious diseases and their control.

The National Institute for Biological Standards and Control has a deserved world-wide reputation for the excellence of its product analyses, production and control. The Health Protection Agency is a global first as a one-stop shop dedicated to protecting the health of the general public from infections, chemicals, poisons and radiation. 

Both organizations have to operate against an increasingly global backdrop, and I am sure that harnessing the collective expertise of both will benefit public health protection in the United Kingdom and also its industrial competitiveness in the burgeoning life sciences arena of the 21st Century.

Professor Gordon Duff, chairman of the National Biological Standards Board said, Modern biology promises innovative medicines for the prevention and treatment of diseases, but there are new problems as well. The safety of biological medicines, emerging diseases, antibiotic resistance, global epidemics and the threat of bioterrorism are among the challenges to be met. This merger with the HPA creates an organization with a wide range of relevant expertise, and a coordinated approach to safeguarding public health.

Source: HPA