Misonix Enters $4 Billion Advanced Wound Care Market With Medline Industries as Its U.S. Distributor for Ultrasonic Wound Debridement System


FARMINGDALE, N.Y. -- Misonix, Inc., a developer of ultrasonic medical device technology for the treatment of cancer and other chronic health conditions, announces that it has entered into a distribution agreement with Medline Industries for the SonicOne Ultrasonic Wound Debridement System. Medline, a privately held manufacturer and distributor of healthcare products with $2 billion in annual sales, has been named the exclusive distributor for Misonix's SonicOne wound care product in the United States.  Misonix internally developed the SonicOne and manufactures the product at its global headquarters in Farmingdale, N.Y. As a technologically advanced ultrasonic medical device for wound care, Misonix's intellectual property for the SonicOne is protected by patents which have already been issued as well as patents which are pending. 

The SonicOne allows healthcare practitioners to remove necrotic tissue, biofilm, and other impediments to successful wound healing. Commenting on the technology, Dr. David Armstrong, professor of surgery, chair of research, director of the Scholl's Center for Lower Extremity Ambulatory Research (CLEAR) and assistant dean of the Rosalind Franklin University, said, "Thorough and complete wound bed debridement is essential for successful wound healing.  This technology appears to be promising in promoting the creation of a bed of receptive tissue to accept current and future bio-active therapies.  The benefits of ultrasound are that it is naturally bacteriocidal, reduces the pain associated with standard sharp debridement, and stimulates the wound bed to develop key components of wound healing.  In using the SonicOne, doctors and patients will benefit significantly through shorter and more productive treatments."

"The SonicOne Ultrasonic Wound Debrider represents another successful realization of our strategic investment in products to be brought to market which represent potential substantial benefit to our shareholders," commented Michael McManus, Jr., president and CEO of Misonix. "The wound care market is a very large and costly component of the world-wide healthcare system. Market data estimate that in the U.S. more than 89 million patients are treated annually for all wound conditions at costs in excess of $25 billion.  Six million of these are classified as chronic wounds, which tend to affect sicker patients that cannot afford to be exposed to the open environment.  We only have to look to some recent notable tragic deaths in our time that were caused by chronic non-healing wounds that lead to life terminating sepsis."

Commenting on the U.S. distribution agreement, McManus said, "Medline, a leader in advanced wound care with a broad base of medical supplies including capital medical equipment, is a natural fit with the SonicOne Ultrasonic Wound Debrider. We had the chance to speak with many large companies but Medline was the best distributor for us in terms of domain expertise, impeccable medical practitioner support, a corporate culture similar to Misonix, and favorable marketing terms. We are excited about our relationship with Medline in launching the SonicOne in the U.S."

A significant segment of the chronic wound market is populated by diabetics, which affects over 18 Million Americans age 20 and older. According to many leading public health experts, diabetes has become an epidemic in the U.S. More than 60 percent of the non-traumatic limb amputations in the country occurred among persons with diabetes.  "The multi-disciplinary focus on limb salvage (vs. amputation) requires thorough debridement as a major trajectory towards healing," explains Dr. Jeffrey Niezgoda, medical director of the Comprehensive Wound Care and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Aurora Health Care, and St. Luke's Medical Center in Milwaukee. Niezgoda added, "We have reported several series of patients with wound healing compromised due to resistant organism colonization following traditional methods of wound care. After treatment with the SonicOne Ultrasonic Wound Debrider, these wounds became culture negative and demonstrated improved wound healing trajectories. The SonicOne will be the standard of care in advanced wound management and limb salvage."

"We are proud to work with Misonix in bringing to the advanced wound market a better and more efficacious method of debridement. We believe that together with our extensive line of advanced wound therapies, the SonicOne from Misonix will help us reach our strategic goal of superior outcomes for the patients of our customers," said Jonathan Primer, president of Medlines DMS Division.

Source: Misonix, Inc.





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