Mobile Device Reminders Help to Improve Post-Operative Outcomes

Researchers from Toronto East General Hospital and Seamless Mobile Health have found that the use of text message reminders and having patients log post-operative progress significantly reduces the risk of cancellations for procedures and decreases post-op ER visits.

Researchers helped to create electronic reminders and Web-based modules to improve patient compliance to pre-operative instructions. Prior studies have shown that less than 40 percent of patients read the instructions doctors give them before surgery and less than 20 percent can articulate important information contained within the instructions.

To date, 167 patients participated and 98% of them said they were satisfied with the tools the mobile product provided. Patients reported their positive responses noting the ways in which the mobile application empowered them, helping them keep track of their progress, and offered more accessibility to their surgeon.

"We believe this tool has great potential to improve communication with patients, increase patient satisfaction, decrease ER visits, and improve patient outcomes following thoracic surgery," says Dr. Carmine Simone, Toronto East General Hospital physician and lead researcher.

Source: American College of Chest Physicians