Nanogen Releases Two Products for the Detection of Respiratory Viral Pathogens


SAN DIEGO -- Nanogen, Inc., a developer of advanced diagnostic products, announced today it has expanded its molecular reagent product portfolio to include two new products to detect sequences for respiratory viral pathogens: a multiplex solid-phase hybridization set of reagents that can be employed to develop and validate assays for the detection of the sequences of six human respiratory viruses prevalent during flu season, and a research-use-only (RUO) real-time PCR probe and primer set for the identification of the influenza A and B viruses.

The NGEN RVA analyte specific reagent (ASR) product can be used to develop and validate assays to detect the sequences of and differentiates among influenza A and B, respiratory syncytial virus and parainfluenza 1, 2 and 3.  Assays validated using NGEN RVA ASR can be carried out with various sample types, including nasal swabs and, once validated by the laboratory, can be used as a clinical diagnostic test.  The product was developed in cooperation with Prodesse, Inc., a leading supplier of molecular-based reagents for infectious disease targets, and is available in the United States as an ASR for which analytical and performance characteristics are not established.  The product has been CE marked in the European Union as an in vitro diagnostic and is available outside the United States.

Additionally, Nanogen has expanded its real-time PCR product group with an RUO probe and primer set for the identification of the influenza A and B viruses.  The MGB Eclipse Flu A/B RUO product uses the company's proprietary MGB technology to provide melt curve analysis that differentiates the two viral strains for each sample.  The new MGB Eclipse Flu A/B primer and probe set, along with the recently released Enterovirus and hMPV reagents, complement Nanogen's growing MGB Alert product family of ASRs targeting infectious agents, such as herpes viruses and pneumonias.

Both sets and reagents target a nucleic acid sequence also found in the H5N1 strain of the influenza A virus, also known as avian flu.  Laboratories interested in screening for avian flu can choose between the real-time PCR research reagents or the set of ASRs that can be validated for clinical use. Positives could then be sequenced for epidemiological studies.

Nanogen's advanced technologies provide researchers, clinicians and physicians worldwide with improved methods and tools to predict, diagnose, and ultimately help treat disease.  The company's products include real-time PCR reagents, the NanoChip electronic microarray platform and a line of reagents useful in rapid diagnostic tests.  Nanogen's 10 years of pioneering research involving nanotechnology holds the promise of miniaturization and continues to be supported for its potential for diagnostic and biowarfare applications. 

Source: Nanogen, Inc.

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