New Patent Signals Faster Disease Diagnostics

DENVER -- Accelr8 Technology Corp. has been awarded U.S. Patent 6,844,028 for its OptiChem® surface chemistry, a new coating that makes it possible to selectively capture, target and analyze individual bacteria, thus setting a new standard in rapid bacterial pathogen analysis.

OptiChem is a component of the companys new BACcelr8r diagnostic system that, when fully developed, has the potential to replace bacterial culturing by producing test results in a matter of hours.  In stark contrast, results from traditional culturing -- the standard diagnostic technique for more than 100 years -- typically require several days.

Thousands of deaths caused by literally millions of life-threatening illnesses diagnosed each year could be prevented with more rapid and precise diagnosis. 

Dramatically reducing diagnostic delays will accelerate treatment and could potentially save thousands of lives, said David Howson, Accelr8 Technology president.  The OptiChem surface chemistry and the BACcelr8r platform represent a leap forward in our ability to more quickly diagnose and treat life-threatening bacterial infections.  The combination of OptiChem with our detection technology gives us a significant proprietary edge, even against large competitors.

With the global spread of antibiotic resistance, physicians can no longer rely upon standardized antibiotic prescriptions.  The BACcelr8r platform using OptiChem is being designed to precisely identify different types of antibiotic resistance, giving doctors the ability to rapidly select the specific drug most likely to effectively treat the individual patients infection.

With the growing crisis of antibiotic resistance, too many diseases are diagnosed too late.  We must diagnose life-threatening infections faster, added Howson.  Every infection is different, and changes over time.  The BACcelr8r system carves out a unique niche in the healthcare industrys ability to identify which drugs will kill the bacteria most quickly.

The patented coating is also proving useful in the field of DNA research as the promise of the human genome project begins to gain ground.  The company already sells OptiChem-coated slides used in research applications.  Accelr8 is developing custom coating formulations for industrial clients as well.  Additional markets being explored by the company include food safety, bioterrorism and nanotechnology.

Source: Accelr8 Technology Corp.