New Product Increases T-Cell Count in HIV/AIDS Patients

CLAREMORE, OK-Ives Health Company has released a brief summary of the touted Java project.

The project was a landmark AIDS study carried out by Slayton-Beedeen, MD, an immunologist and founder of the product T-Factor. Slayton-Beedeed worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) in Jakarta and Bangkok, testing HIV positive patients of Asian descent with elevated HIV RNA and decreased CD-4 counts. They administered T-Factor and found that new hormonal inhibitors of HIV might initiate profound suppression of HIV replication.

They gave these HIV-positive patients the drug and found 80% experienced documented decreases in HIV RNA and enhanced CD-4 counts within 24 weeks.

T-Factor costs less than $3 per day, in comparison to other HIV drug therapies that cost an estimated $80 daily.

New studies of the product are taking place in the US and in Europe.

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