Novation Releases Results of 2008 MRSA Survey


IRVING, Texas — Novation, a leading healthcare contracting services company of VHA Inc., University HealthSystem Consortium (UHC) and Provista, LLC, today released the results of its 2008 methicillin-resistant Staphyloccus aureus (MRSA) Survey. According to the survey, both VHA and UHC members report an increase in MRSA cases. UHC reported highest increase in the emergency department and VHA saw greatest increase in patients upon admission. The results of the survey will be used by Novation to support continued efforts to offer the most comprehensive MRSA portfolio in the industry.

“MRSA is an increasingly problematic issue in all areas of the hospital and MRSA-positive infections will be more prevalent and require well-developed screening, prevention, and treatment strategies in the future, said Maryann Restino, vice president of contract and program services at Novation. “This report, and the information we glean from it, is another example of Novation’s commitment to provide alliance members with the information they need to make smart purchasing decisions throughout their organization.”

The survey found that educating healthcare workers on prevention of MRSA is of paramount importance to VHA and UHC member organizations. Hospitals are focusing on prevention training for employees. Detection training was also mentioned as an important aspect of MRSA infection control. The most often cited training programs offered by member organizations were: handwashing protocols, in-service programs, new hire orientation and contact precautions.

Key survey findings:

— Isolating MRSA contaminated patients is the most common method of controlling spread within the hospital.

— UHC (27 percent) and VHA (11 percent) member hospitals have implemented decolonization regimes to help control the infection.

— Vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) and community-acquired MRSA are other infections of great concern.

— UHC (24 percent) and VHA (19 percent) member hospitals use Rapid PCR technology to detect the infection in their facility.

“Recognizing the growing concern for MRSA and the need for immediate action, Novation’s newly created MRSA Solutions Set online resource program provides healthcare workers with solutions available through our extensive portfolio to prevent, detect and treat the infection,” said Restino. “Compiling available solutions into one central area allows healthcare workers to more rapidly analyze, address and, hopefully, control the infection.”

Source: Novation

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