Occupational Health Nursing Week is April 19-25, 2015

The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses, Inc. (AAOHN) is celebrating Occupational Health Nursing (OHN) Week April 19-25, 2015. Each April, OHN Week recognizes and celebrates members of the occupational and environmental health nursing profession. The theme of OHN Week 2015 is "Occupational Health Nurses: Leading the Way for Health & Safety."

Jeannie Tomlinson, president of AAOHN, says, “In the United States, there are approximately 19,000 nurses working to deliver health and safety programs and services to domestic and global workers, worker populations and community groups. These occupational and environmental health nurses focus on promotion and restoration of health, prevention of illness and injury, and protection from work-related and environmental hazards."

“From manufacturing facilities to healthcare settings and workplaces in dozens of other industries, employers turn to occupational health nurses to promote healthy lifestyles and keep workers safe, healthy and performing at a high level,” Tomlinson adds. “In this way, nurses are an important partner in supporting the economic health and competitiveness of the businesses we serve.”

OHN Week commemorates the inception of the largest professional association for occupational and environmental health nurses. In 1942, 300 nurses from 16 states founded the American Association of Industrial Nurses (AAIN), the predecessor to AAOHN. Today, with 119 chapters and more than 4,000 members, AAOHN is dedicated to advancing the health, safety and productivity of domestic and global workforces by providing education, research, public policy and practice resources for occupational and environmental health nurses.

Source: American Association of Occupational Health Nurses (AAOHN)