Oculus Innovative Sciences Launches Microcyn® Wound Care for U.S. Podiatry Market

PETALUMA, Calif. – Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc. today announced that it has launched its Microcyn Wound Care product into the U.S. podiatry market.  The product, which has received three FDA 510(k) clearances for use in moistening, lubricating, cleaning and debriding wounds, is available to podiatrists for treatment of, and distribution to, their patients.

“We have begun marketing Microcyn Technology for the U.S. wound care market with an initial focus on the podiatry opportunity,” said Hoji Alimi, CEO and founder of Oculus. “Based upon our clinical trial success and positive feedback from our sampling program to U.S. physicians over the past year, we have generated valuable insights into how medical professionals use Microcyn to treat patients. Podiatry was one of the areas in which we witnessed significant patient benefits and positive physician response. By using the services of a contract sales organization, we’re able to effectively launch Microcyn in the United States while continuing to reduce our overall expenses.”

Results of market analysis and positive product trial of Microcyn Wound Care among U.S. podiatrists have led Oculus to focus its launch initially in New York City/Long Island, Northern New Jersey, Miami, Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Phoenix, San Jose/San Francisco, and Orange County/Los Angeles.  The company contracted a professional marketing and sales management group to spearhead a 10-member sales force in this initial sales effort.  Each sales representative’s efforts will be supported by advisory boards consisting of practicing podiatrists in their respective sales territory.  Upon successful completion of this multi-region introduction, the company plans to expand marketing efforts into other U.S. regions, reaching the more than 15,000 podiatrists in the United States.

Oculus is also pursuing a U.S. drug approval using a different formulation of the Microcyn technology.  The company intends to secure a partner that will assume clinical, regulatory, and commercial responsibilities along with costs for the drug formulation approval.

Microcyn Wound Care is available in 8-ounce and 500-ml. bottles. Medical professionals interested in evaluating and purchasing the Microcyn Wound Care product may do so by calling (800) 400-0056 and then dial “0".  More information can be found at www.syncom.net.