Passengers on American Airlines Narita Flight Did Not Have SARS

FORT WORTH, Texas -- Health officials have confirmed that the passengers and crew aboard Flight 128 from Narita to San Jose, Calif., were not exposed to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

"They do not fit the criteria for SARS," said Dr. Karen Smith, assistant health officer for Santa Clara County today. "Nobody on that plane had suspect SARS."

The crew of AA Flight 128 from Narita to San Jose notified airport officials before landing today that five passengers in the first class cabin were not feeling well. The airplane landed and was held at a cargo area while Santa Clara County health officials examined the passengers on board. Two of the five first-class customers were released at the airport, along with 122 other passengers on board.

The other three were taken to the Valley Medical Center for a more complete examination, and found not to have SARS.

"We appreciate the vigilance and quick response of the Santa Clara County health authorities, and we are very pleased that our passengers were cleared," the airline said in a statement.

Source: American Airlines